Income Disclosure

This Income Disclosure Statement offers crucial information concerning the potential income and earnings associated with the purchase and use of the digital product “The Roadmap To Riches” course training offered by Jolene Davis. Our intent is to provide full transparency and enable individuals to make well-informed decisions about the potential income they may achieve.

No Guaranteed Income:

1.1 Jolene Davis expressly disclaims any guarantees regarding the income or earnings that individuals may achieve through the use of the Product.

1.2 Any income or earnings mentioned in testimonials, social media, emails, case studies, or examples are not typical and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve similar results.

1.3 Individual results may vary, depending on various factors, including but not limited to individual effort, skills, experience, and market conditions.

Assumptions and Estimates:

2.1 Any income or earnings estimates provided by Jolene Davis are based on certain assumptions and estimates, which may not reflect the actual results achieved by individuals.

2.2 Jolene Davis cannot guarantee that the assumptions and estimates used to calculate potential income are accurate or up to date.

Risk Factors:

3.1 Engaging in business, including the sale or distribution of digital products, involves inherent risks and uncertainties.

3.2 Individuals should carefully consider their financial situation, skills, and risk tolerance before engaging in any business activities associated with the Product.

3.3 Jolene Davis does not assume responsibility for any financial losses or damages incurred by individuals as a result of their business activities.

Independent Effort:

4.1 The income and earnings that individuals may achieve through the use of the Product are dependent on their individual efforts, skills, and dedication.

4.2 Jolene Davis cannot guarantee any specific level of income or earnings, as they are directly related to the efforts and actions taken by individuals.

Testimonials and Examples:

5.1 Any testimonials, social media posts, case studies, or examples provided by Jolene Davis are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve similar results.

5.2 Testimonials and examples are provided for illustrative purposes only and should not be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of income or earnings.

Disclosure of Material Connections:

6.1 Jolene Davis may have material connections with third-party vendors, affiliates, or partners who may promote the Product.

6.2 Any recommendations or endorsements made by third parties should not be construed as a guarantee of income or earnings.

Seek Professional Advice:

7.1 Individuals are encouraged to seek professional advice, such as consulting with an accountant or financial advisor, before making business decisions related to the Product.

7.2 Jolene Davis does not provide financial, legal, or tax advice, and individuals should rely on their own judgment and seek professional guidance when appropriate.

By purchasing and using this Product, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and have agreed to this Income Disclosure Statement. Your trust in this offering is highly valued, and I am committed to providing you with assistance and support throughout your journey. Please bear in mind that the income or earnings you may achieve through the use of this Product are subject to various factors, and I cannot guarantee any specific level of income or earnings.

Thank you for considering this opportunity, and I am at your service to provide guidance and support.


Jolene Davis

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